Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Show & tell

* * *

The novel I wrote between 13-19, the 1994 issue of Zygote that contained my first published story, my laminated 'life list' from grade twelve English class, my S. Korea scrapbook and Hump.

Being all of the show & tell items I brought to Anita Daher's ACI 16-19 yr. old Mentorship: Writing Fiction Workshop tonight...

Here's an excerpt from the life list: "To wear a potato sack to grad - no frilly chiffon dresses for me; To maybe get married/have children; To not kill the above; To be a writer/journalist; To get Raven published in the 1990s."

(I'd originally written 1991 but you can see where I hedged my bets when re-copying...)

The life list also includes a picture I drew of myself with elf ears.


I think it was particularly brave of me to let my various juvenilia circulate around the room, especially given all the laughing.

(Thanks to Anita an ACI for having me!)

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