Thursday, April 21, 2011

Reading copy

Last night, I read In Praise of My Own Breasts at McNally Robinson as a part of the launch of her new book, A Peeled Wand: Selected Poems by Anne Szumigalski (Signature Editions, 2011).

The other readers included Frances Bitney, Di Brandt, Alison Calder, Sharon Caseburg, Lori Cayer, Dennis Cooley, Victor Enns, Michelle Forrest, Clarise Foster, Patrick Friesen, Ariel Gordon, Sara Harms, Jan Horner, Tessa Loran, Mariianne Mays, Barbara Schott, Colin Smith, Tony Szumigalski, and Janine Tschuncky.

And it was lovely to hear the poems in so many throats, to hear all of Anne's layers and nuances interpreted by so many poets.

I had to fix my interpretation, to mark the words and phrases I wanted emphasized. And so I marked up my copy, which I thought I'd share.

Even with my notations, I was still feeling rushed and a bit out of sorts when it was my turn.

But I have a feeling I'm going to read this poem in public again.

(Thanks to Andris and Kate for asking me to read...)

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