Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Speaking Volumes poster!

Here's the official poster for Prairie Fire's Speaking Volumes dinner May 7.

I like how Jake MacDonald is growing out of my ample forehead. Like a reverse Zeus/Athena/migraine.

Now that's a pregancy story!

I mean, I get that Metis was somehow able to give birth inside of Zeus. And I suppose I get that Zeus would relieve a headache by taking an axe to his forehead.

But how did Metis get weapons inside Zeus with which to arm Athena?

I mean, Zeus swallowed Metis. Not Metis + an armory. Did she also give birth to weaponry? (Which would make her the mother of swords!)

Maybe since Zeus thought he could solve his marital problems by eating his spouse, at an earlier date he also thought he could create peace by eating his adversaries' weapons.

And they were just rattling around in there. (This is a really long poster, eh?)

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