Friday, May 27, 2011


So last night was Jennifer Still's launch of Girlwood (Brick Books, 2011), her second collection of poems.

Given the book's mid-seventies vibe, there were hand-made pom poms to go with the poems. And Jenn's mother's roller skates.

But Jenn chose to trade the swag-lamp potential of an inside event for the masses of tulips at Assiniboine Park's Leo Mol Sculpture Garden, which if you know anything about Leo Mol you know is ALSO full of naked (bronze) girls.

I was hosting and so hadn't planned to read, but Jenn phoned a few days before and told me I simply HAD to read my poem, Floodlight, which focuses on the Garden. So I did. I mean, when would I ever again have the chance to read THAT poem THERE without being escorted out by park security?

I thought I'd be the worst offender of the evening, given all the nipples in the poem. But I'm happy to say that I was bested (or is that worsted?) by Barb Schott, who very elegantly uttered the c-word...

It was also lovely to see/hear Ottawa (by way of Saskatchewan) poet Sandra Ridley again, reading from her Fallout (Hagios, 2010).

Thanks to the Assiniboine Park Conservancy for letting Jenn (and Barb and Sandra and I) in to play. Thanks too to Jenn for asking me: it was SUCH an honour.

Extra thanks to Abby, the arbitrator of the poms, for giving me an extra pom for the girl.

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