Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Two poems

Prairie Fire solicited poems to go with my appearance at their Speaking Volumes gala...that in turn was prompted by my Most Promising win at the 2010 Manitoba Book Awards.

They published How to Connect with Your Father and How to Connect with Your Step-Father.

This is only my second poetry appearance in PF. And the first appearance of the Edison poems anywhere.

Beyond that, I GREATLY enjoyed reading the suite that these two poems came from at Speaking Volumes, even if reading them made me a little verklempt.

* * *

Prairie Fire Magazine
Spring 2011
Vol. 32, No. 1

Table of Contents

Charlene Diehl Michael Van Rooy: 1968–2011

Ariel Gordon Two Poems

Graham Hillard We Will Not All Sleep, But We Will All Be Changed

Dennis Cooley Five Poems

Eliza Robertson Thoughts, Hints and Anecdotes
Concerning Points of Taste and the Act of Making One's Self Agreeable: A Handbook for Ladies

Richard Scarsbrook Two Poems

Rebecca Rosenblum Dream Big

Charmaine Cadeau Twice as likely

Roy Wang Norman and the Swan

Shawn Riopelle Yellow Bird

Gwen Anderson Except That You Bless Me

M. Travis Lane Practical Meditation

Neile Graham Put Out The Light

Josiah Neufeld Father Issa

M.E. Csamer Painting at Versailles

Jim Johnstone Yield your wings to the furies

Jared Harel The Bright Side of Nuclear Winter

Antony Christie grey wolf in the stubblefield

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