Monday, June 27, 2011

Reprint: The Mother 'Hood

So Canadian Bookshelf is a new lit website. It's brand new, so new as to be beta. (Is 'beta' the new 'site under construction' or 'store open during renovations'?)

But they're already doing recommended reading lists. And having guest list-ers and people coming up with themed lists.

And this week, Hump was included in a list called The Mother 'Hood, which is "Canadian books that explore the mothering experience - the good and the bad."

My thoughts, fleeting and sparse after a busy Monday day/night are: "What a good list!" and "I can't wait to see what the list-er thinks of Hump!" and "I MUST FINALLY read Pathologies..."

I've reviewed a fair number of 'mothering' anthologies over the last few years (see my review for Great Expectations here) and in addition to the ones listed here, I'd also add a recommendation for Double Lives: Writing and Motherhood.

Yay! (Mothering) fun!

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