Saturday, August 20, 2011

NOT a mushroom

* * *

In case anyone was wondering, this has been a WRETCHED year for mushrooms.

When a rainstorm is followed by a few hot days, M and I know there will be lots of mushrooms. But ALL we've had through July and most of August is HOT with very little rain...

So front lawns and boulevards are brownish and crunchy and tomato plants look stunted.

But entering the forest this morning, I was sort of hoping against hope that there might be a few mushrooms here and there. But even the forest's ditches were dry and walking the boardwalk was like attempting stilts.

So in addition to Aa falling down THREE TIMES on the uneven path and then bursting into tears, there were NO mushrooms.

We found ONE log covered with what M and I refer to as 'potato chips' - i.e. dried-up old mushrooms layered one on top of each other - and I half-heartedly took a few pictures, but really there was nothing.

It was nice to stretch our goddamn legs. And a perfect opportunity to continue our walking-in-the-woods-is-good brainwashing programme. (Poor Aa!)

* * *

I think this might even be purple loosestrife - the invasive bane of Winnipeg riverbanks - but I'm not sure.

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