Saturday, September 24, 2011

poetry bashing

It's funny, but my interest in the bright world of writing and publishing has been dwindling of late.

I decided back in July, for instance, that I didn't want to HOT AIR this year (i.e. helm the THIN AIR blog) and so my attendance at this year's festival was spotty.

I didn't even bring my camera with me to Wednesday's Poetry Bash, which is scandalous, given that I've covetously photographed the winning poet's hand for the last handful of years. (Heh.)(I look this grainy darling with my iPhone...)

Not that I wasn't interested in the writers on offer. There were many readings and conversations and performances I wished I could have attended, but it just wasn't possible this week to make the life/writing life equation work in the festival's favour.

As I mentioned before, I've also given up the monthly poetry column in the Winnipeg Free Press that Jennifer Still and I co-helmed. And as of November, will no longer be haphazardly publicizing poetry for Palimpsest Press.

So in addition to clearing the decks, work-wise, I'm also withdrawing a bit from the bustle.

I'm not sure what's coming, in terms of the writing. Which project, precisely, needs this pace and this space. But I'm content to wait.

I'm also content to note that the Poetry Bash was lovely. Jenn Still's reading was lovely. I also greatly enjoyed UMP author Kim Anderson's event.

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