Friday, October 28, 2011

my dirty little poem

My poem "How to Write a Poem" has successfully made it online!

The lovely Toronto online art magazine Open Books Toronto has posted it to their site in lieu of their traditional 10 Questions With as a preview for my event at Toronto Women's Bookstore next week.

Funny thing is, given its format (numbered stanzas, no line-breaks), you can't really tell.

If you'll recall, I tried to submit this poem to CBC Manitoba Scene in lieu of an interview. But they said it was too dirty. And I completely understood,'s nice to see it out in the world.

(The poem is from my how-to series but don't look for it in How to Prepare for Flooding, as it didn't quite fit the gory urban/nature theme Julia and I were working with.)

Thanks to Clelia Scala at Open Book Toronto! Yay! Fun!

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