Sunday, November 06, 2011

Extra marital mushrooming

All photos Riverstone Retreat, Durham, ON. November 5, 2011.

* * *

I always feel deeply conflicted about mushrooming in woods other than Assiniboine Forest. I've spent more than a decade shuffling its paths and am always trying to get there, no matter how busy or tired I might be.

But I'm STILL compelled, when traveling, to root around the trees, should there be trees nearby.

I was in Durham Ontario this past weekend for a writers festival, Words Aloud. Organizers put me and several other authors up at the Riverstone Retreat, where, in addition to the big house where we stayed, there was a campground.

Which meant that I could actually walk between stands of white cedar in the forest, that there were heaps of stump and downed trees.

It was a completely different forest from the boreal forest I grew up in and the aspen parkland I now inhabit. So I was glad that I was able to find specimens, that ultimately, mushrooming is mushrooming.

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