Sunday, November 13, 2011

MORE extra marital mushrooming

All photos Riverstone Retreat, Durham, ON. November 6, 2011.

* * *

It was such a lovely day, moving through patches of late fall sun, moving through thickets of tiredness and elation.

And there were bird's wings on the ground, tangled in the leaf litter. And there were hardwood logs furred with incandescent moss.

And there was small stump, trimmed down nearly to the ground by an axe, and growing on the stump was a deep brown and a deep green mushroom. And crouching there, I felt pierced by affection for that stump and those mushrooms.

So I sat on the cedar-strewn ground and tried to get a picture that looked like something. But, as is the way with representation, didn't succeed.

But I was pleased with the day and these unexpected mushrooms.

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