Tuesday, November 08, 2011


The order for this Thursday's PechaKucha thinger has just been announced.

(Julia and I worked up our slides, which include a yawning cat and a plane crash and a button between my lips and a flooded house from the 1950s flood, yesterday over excellent tomato soup...)

I like being before the beer, because it means that I can sit after I'm done and then continue sitting after the beer and just enjoy myself...

ML Kenneth

Nick Kolisnyk

Ariel Gordon/Julia Michaud

Joe Kerr

Jason Boychuk

Celes Davar


PKN Video

David Pensato

Albertine Watson

Paul Nolin

Sarah Hodges

Blair McEvoy

* * *

What: PechaKucha Night, Vol. 8 in Winnipeg
When: Thursday November 10 - doors open at 7:30 pm (first speaker hits the stage at 8:20 pm)
Where: Park Theatre, 698 Osborne Street
How Much: $5 (suggested donation, at the door)

PechaKucha events fill the room fast - so grab your seat early or you'll end up walking in the cold November rain.

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