Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Saskatoon: JackPine launch Nov. 26

So after a month chock-full of events, I finished up with the 'launch' of How to Prepare for Flooding in Saskatoon, where publisher JackPine Press is based.

Julia and I spent the weekend wandering around Saskatoon's downtown, flying in Friday and leaving Sunday. Besides the launch, we got in a shopping expedition, a movie, a nice long brunch, and a riverwalk.

The launch was lovely. But given JackPine's history, I expected nothing less...

The best part of publishing with JackPine - besides the opportunity to create a gory little book with Julia - was how supported the press is by Saskatoon's writing and publishing community.

The press' reach meant that I didn't have to spend a lot of time inviting the writers I knew in Saskatoon: they already knew about the launch.

And so it was lovely to hang out with people I've met over the past few years via the Sage Hill Writing Experience and SK stops on tours with Kerry Ryan + Tracy Hamon.

It was also nifty to launch alongside Mitch Spray, Fionncara MacEoin, and Nancy Lowry.

JackPine major domo Elise Marcella Godfrey (and the rest of the collective) deserves major thanks for taking such good care of us, both over the course of the weekend and over the longer term, seeing Julia and I from submission to acceptance to publication.

Yay! Fun!

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