Sunday, January 08, 2012

Artist mothers

So many moons ago Amy Karlinsky, arts writer extraordinaire, asked me to facilitate a visual art/literary workshop for artist mums with her.

The artist mums in question are a sub-group of MAWA (or Mentoring Artists for Women's Art), a nifty non-profit organization in town.

I agreed and we dubbed it Readings and Creative Writing for Artist Mothers Workshop. (Surprise, surprise, huh?)

We've had two sessions to date, which we crammed full of feminist art history, first-person accounts from artist mothers, and writing exercizes as well as slide shows of paintings, photographs, and sculptures. And poems. Always poems.

Today we did a writing exercize that focused on body parts. Ten minutes on the “mommy” parts - belly/breasts/uterus/vagina - and another ten on the “other” body parts – elbows, knees, calves, ankles, earlobes.

(Though I usually don't do my own exercizes, today I wrote on my belly and bony elbows.)

Next, we did a mixed media (or collage) exercize. People had the option of incorporating the text we'd just generated but mostly we just threw paints and chalk and oil pastels and markers at people and asked them to come up with SOMETHING.

Anyways, it was a lovely afternoon. And I have this pic to show for it in addition to a LARGE oil pastel drawing of my elbows.

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