Thursday, January 26, 2012

A banner day

So I wrestled with this banner for one of UMP's spring titles today, a Canadian reprint of a book about Louis Riel and Canadian identity formation. Like the L.B. Foote project, I'm excited about this book...

Part of my pleasure is being paid to look at photos of Louis Riel. Though it isn't a particularly good photo, I keep returning to this image of Monsieur Riel addressing the court at his trial.

The photo I used for the banner was in the running for the cover - which was designed by David Drummond, who is a FAR better designer than I am - so I decided to re-use it here.

So it was the best kind of wrestling...and I got to look into Louis Riel's poor sad eyes all day.

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Marjolaine H├ębert said...

I will soon be reading my first English history of the man. I wonder how different it will read than the French Canadian ones... I recently find myself in the interesting position of narrating the English And French audio tours for the Dalnavert museum - interesting because Mr. MacDonald found himself in Winnipeg to fight the Riel rebellion, fundamentally my people .. ;)