Monday, February 13, 2012

Lansdowne extra-curricular

I picked up three things at Aqua after the Lansdowne reading.

My demon mug/pencil holder. It's the worst mug ever if you're right handed, as I am, because the demon's eyes look deeply into yours as you go to drink. But it's an excellent pencil holder and I'd left it behind by accident.

A half-dozen books for Anna. One of the things she's missed about Aqua/Eat! bistro, besides the excellent chicken dippers, was the time she spent in the kids' section. We've a full bookcase in her room, but we can always jam in a few more...

A stack of 1940s kids science books: Birds. Flowers, Fruits, Seeds. Wasps. Saving Our Wildlife.

They're all from Florence Nightengale School Library. And they're all gorgeously bound, or maybe it's re-bound, because the covers, all different, look very 60ish. And the innards look like they've been handled by thousands of children.

Aqua had about thirty of these beauties at one point and Julia and I seriously considered buying them, ripping out the much-loved innards, and using the covers for our chappie. But we were worried about not finding the seventy-five we needed for a JackPine run...and so we didn't.

But I was very glad to see ten or fifteen of them still on Aqua's shelves, so I scooped them up. And maybe I'll make notebooks out of them. Or a different chapbook. We'll see...

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