Friday, March 02, 2012

Poem(s) in Earthlines!

My poems "Downed Trees", written out of the years when I was at the zoo twice a week with the girl, will be included in EarthLines, a new lit mag from Scotland's Two Ravens Press.

Here's the TOC for the first issue, which should be out in the world in May.

For those of you interested in submitting to EarthLines, here's the mission statement:

"EarthLines is a full-colour A4-sized quarterly magazine of around 64 pages, dedicated to high quality writing on nature, place and the environment. Our focus is on writing which explores the relationship between people and the natural world, and encourages reconnection. We want to help forge a new ecoliterature that is truly responsive to, and that deeply and meaningfully engages with, the challenges we face. That doesn't just acknowledge, but that actively embraces all the contradictions and discomforts inherent in our relationship with the natural world – those contradictions which surface in all of our genuine attempts to reconnect.

Uniquely, EarthLines includes work by writers, storytellers, artists, scientists, and others who live close to or work with the natural world – we aim to be as inclusive as possible. We strongly believe that the future of ecoliterature is interdisciplinary: that inspiration for the kind of transformative work we're looking for will derive in good part from exposure to the ideas of philosophers, psychologists, ecologists, anthropologists, storytellers, mythographers, visual artists ... and a wide range of other fields of endeavour."

Two Ravens is also putting out an anthology of ecoliterature in 2012 called Entanglements, for which they've accepted a further three poems of mine. (Yay! My first international publication!)

The deadline for the anthology isn't until April, so if you've got something apt, submit! Submit!


Brenda Schmidt said...

Congrats, A! Sounds great.

Debbie Strange said...

Congratulations, and thanks for the tip, Ariel. My Dad was born on the Isle of Lewis...