Friday, March 09, 2012


So the Manitoba Writers Guild will be presenting a Symposium on Manitoba Writing May 9-12.

About a month ago, I was contacted and asked if I'd like to be in a promotional video for the symposium. I said yes and said that I'd love to shoot same in Assiniboine Forest.

So I met the videographer, Christopher Paetkau, at the forest in my bright red jacket. And my bright red hat. And my big black snowpants. Because it was winter and we'd be tromping around in the snow, right?

SYMPOSIUM ON MANITOBA WRITING: Ariel Gordon from Manitoba Writers' Guild on Vimeo.

Monsieur Petkau hated my 'ensemble.' So I wound up doing multiple readings with my snowpants pushed down around my ankles and my jacket, hat and scarf in the snow next to me.

I spent the whole time thinking about what scarf I would have worn if I'd known my underpinnings would be showing.

Well, maybe not the whole time. But certainly some of the time.

They've just announced the line-up for the Symposium. I won't be reading but Luann Hiebert will be presenting a paper entitled "Great Expectations: Ariel Gordon’s Hump & Reader/Writer Conceptions" at a session entitled Lives of Girls and Women.

Thanks to Christopher and the MWG for the chance to be videographer-ed! Even though I had to pull down my pants!

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