Friday, April 20, 2012

Earthlines has arrived!

I just received my contributor's copy of Earthlines, a magazine devoted to "nature, place and the environment" from Scotland's Two Ravens Press.

Thanks to M, as always, for the picture.
The full-colour debut issue is composed of artworks, articles and poems and feels a bit like a naturalist's field notes, complete with diagrams. Or an bog-hopping artist's sketchbook.

My "Downed Trees," which is in part about reindeer in Assiniboine Park Zoo but also summer thunderstorms and co-sleeping, appears towards the end.

It is preceded by an interview with Jay Griffiths and by an article about Anasazi Country in Southern Utah (!) by Kurt Caswell. (If this sounds familiar, we saw Anasazi petroglyphs on our recent trip to Utah...)

The next issue will be out in August and will feature an interview about ecopoetry with Jorie Graham.

So if you've got something apt - "writing that is conscious of the complexity of our relationship with the natural world - where our experiences aren't always warm and cosy or reducible to the purely rhapsodic" - I highly encourage you to submit.

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