Wednesday, May 02, 2012

back and forth forever

So over the last few months, I've been collaborating with Kingston visual artist / writer Darryl Joel Berger.

It was one of those friends-of-friends FB things but what's nice about him is that he's worse than me in every way:
  • He'll really REALLY say anything.
  • He seems devoted to his hatred of the world and yet he still makes art all the time... 
  • He has a smaller small child than me. 
  • He's ALSO a giant. 
Ours has been a bi-weekly exchange of visual art (him) and poems (me).

I wasn't sure how long it would take me to respond to his work, or if his work would be generative for me...but I responded to his first artwork the next day, with a id-driven poem: violence, despair, sexuality.

Unfortunately, that's how my brain works when collaborating with other artists/artworks. It goes straight to the id.

But dirty darkness notwithstanding, I'm very happy to be working with another artist again. There's something about collaboration that makes me so...gleeful.

So, with Darryl's permission, I'm sharing the latest 'leg' in our exchange. It quotes a line from the last poem I sent him, which is kind of fun...


Brenda Schmidt said...

Cool! You've been involved in such neat collaborations!

Ariel Gordon said...

Oh! I missed this! What bad form...

Yah, it's been great fun so far. Except that he nags me when I'm taking too long.

My favourite prod so far: "WRITE HARDER, GORDON."