Monday, June 25, 2012

Pencils, freshly sharpened.

All photos Olha, MB. Friday, June 22, 2012.
* * *

I've been really enjoying twilight the last few months. Not the movie/book franchise, but the day's last light. There's something about it that's been really getting to me.

So twilight PLUS the old table near the window at the hundred-year-old cabin I've been loaned PLUS my preference for lead pencils that need to be sharpened AND sturdy metal sharpeners EQUALS these photos...

It's such a goddamn relief, sometimes, to know that all I need to write is a pencil and a sharpener and a few pieces of paper. The computer is just a nicety. As are fancy journals.

(I tried to sharpen the pencils without breaking the shaving, the same way I used to try to peel apples without breaking the loop of peel. The same way I would pull the peel into my mouth like it was a line and my mouth the reel. A feat of strength. Something.)

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