Monday, June 04, 2012


All photos Assiniboine Forest, Wpg, MB. June 3, 2012.
* * *

Last summer was dry. And there wasn't much snow this winter. So I was worried that this spring there wouldn't be much of anything, mushroom wise.

I've been walking the forest the last few weeks and there's been the odd LBJ but mostly I've been contenting myself with the tree mushrooms that survived from last year...

But this past week, we've had a couple of good days of rain and a couple of hot days too - and the boulevards in my neighbourhood have started to fill with clumps of mushrooms - so I figured that the forest would be filling too.

So, while the girl was at a birthday party, I did the hour loop. Which is all mulch path. And I found my two favourite spring mushrooms. Neither of which I have names for, of course...and my mushroom book is in the car.

But this one reminds me of teeth coming through gums. And the myth of Cadmus and the dragon's teeth.

The other is a bright white pulpy mushroom whose gills are often full of bugs. And it's so big and so exuberant. It's a handful of shaving cream covering your palm or white yeasty dough overflowing a cake pan...and when I see it tells me that the forest is happy. Or at least the mushrooms in the forest.

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