Thursday, July 19, 2012

cherry picking

This isn't at all writing and publishing. But this summer, I'm either writing/editing poems for the manuscript I've got due or picking/processing fruit, so...

Specifically, this was my first Fruitshare pick of 2012. Evans cherries near the Winnipeg Rowing Club on Lyndale Drive.

And the homeowner was so lovely. In addition to letting us pillage her cherry tree, she also made us lunch and sent us home with basil seedlings and some cut thyme from her garden.

When I got home, I cleaned and pitted enough cherries for freezer jam and a rustic cherry pie. Which was magnificent, even without ice cream. I picked up vanilla ice creams - soy for M and dairy for Aa and I - on the way home from work today and it was even better.

And even though the pick was two hours in the sunny branches of that tree, I had no desire to make poems out of it/them.

So far this summer, I've also picked/processed strawberries from Boonstra Farms and rhubarb from my friend Perry's yard. Some of which went into the freezer and some of which went into my belly in the form of a multitude of fruit crisps.

Multitude. Of. Fruit. Crisps. It sounds even better the second time.

I'm hoping to get some apples and raspberries before the summer's over, but people have figured out what a good thing Fruitshare is. So there's a lot of competition for each pick.

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