Sunday, July 29, 2012


Photo from Fort Whyte, Winnipeg, MB. July 29, 2012.
* * *

So after not visiting Fort Whyte for aaaages, we went for a long sweaty walk this afternoon. It was very humid, but at least there was a breeze. There were walls made entirely of bullrushes around FW's man-made lakes, whose water level looked very low. And duckweed carpeting the water. But we scooped it out of the way and dipnetted like crazy...and pulled in all kinds of whirling dervishes.

As we were walking out, we came upon this butterfly, which landed on a tree ahead of us and then refused to move. It was very un-butterfly-like. But its torpor allowed me to creep up and take a few pictures...

Of course, M wanted to take pictures of it after me. And since he wanted a showier image, he tried to convince it to show it's wings by blowing on it. At which it got up and reluctantly flew away.

No mushrooms at all.


kerryan said...

It's a mourning cloak -- LOVE those!

Ariel Gordon said...

All the large-ish butterflies I'm seeing this year seem to have shredded the tips of their this normal? Or am I just noticing for the first time this year?