Wednesday, August 22, 2012

borrowed forests

All photos at the Love Shack near Riverton, MB. August 11 & 12, 2012.
* * *

This has officially been the summer of other people's cabins. Laura Lamont's mother's farmhouse in Olha, MB. My sister's in-law's cabin near Vermillion Bay, ON. Roewan Crowe's newly-constructed love shack near Riverton, MB.

It's been a treat to experience a bit of the cottage life. It's been especially nice to rampage through the adjoining trees, camera in hand.

I've been thinking a lot about urban/nature poetry, about forests and about how I might approach same in non-fiction essays. So it's been especially useful to see all the differences in flora/fauna in these borrowed woods.

(I must say, I still prefer trembling aspens/burr oak to birch/cedar forests...)

Thanks, everyone, for the why-don't-you-come-to-my-cabin-s! 

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