Thursday, September 13, 2012

Imagining! Winnipeg!

This is another day-job post. Specifically, about MY day-job, as promotions/editorial assistant at the University of Manitoba Press.

Like most writers, I have a day-job. Luckily, mine is a part-time day-job. And, if I have to have a day-job at all, I'm pretty content to have it be at UMP, especially as my job description there veers more and more towards multimedia goodness.

Anyways, yesterday what I persist in calling 'the Foote book' arrived from Friesens, the printer we use in Altona, MB.

I thought I'd share this image of our traditional look-see, where staff stand in a circle in the main office, muttering about details like the spine, the back cover, how the paper looks.

It's the first chance we have, as a staff, to see the culmination of all the steps in the editorial and printing process. 

The look-see for Imagining Winnipeg took longer than usual. We had to call in Esyllt W. Jones, the book's author, sand several other UMP authors and SJC faculty happened to drop by just after the book arrived.

I found myself peering at the backgrounds of the images, as details I hadn't seen when working with digital images kept emerging...and I suddenly wanted to find a quiet room and spend hours poring over the photos. Again.

In a word: fun!

* * *

From top right: UMP Managing Editor Glenn Bergen, Sales and Marketing Supervisor Cheryl Miki, author Esyllt W. Jones; UMP author Jim Blanchard (giving me the stink eye), and the hand of former Parks Canada historian (and now SJC fellow) Robert Coutts.

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