Friday, September 07, 2012

Things I like

Cups of tea my partner makes and sets gently at my elbow.
Losing a couple of hours when writing.
Cool fall air from an open window when I'm under my quilt.
A just-picked apple.
A new notebook, cracked open.
Good long walks under the trees.
Acceptance letters of all stripes. Anticipation of same.
Poached eggs and dry brown toast.
Screaming on scary rides at the midway.
Postcards. (Personal communication of all kinds, in the mail...)
Movies/TV with girls-doing-things in them.
Stands of trembling aspens, knowing they're all genetically identical. How they gleam in the sun.
Date squares.
Poetry. Poetrypoetrypoetry!
Pineapple sage.
Sleeping in, my daughter watching cartoons downstairs.
Literary magazines in the mail.
First book launches.
Photographs of bad old Winnipeg by L.B. Foote.
Six or seven drinks in a row, then a bunch of dancing.
Getting to read Shel Silverstein and Dennis Lee's poems to my daughter.
Leaping into cold lakes, almost colder than I can stand.
Cotton candy.
Clusters of just-emerged mushrooms.
The raspberry vacluse cake at McNally's.
Wooden pencils and severe metal pencil sharpeners.
Ferns, swaying wetly.
Rock-hard nectarines.
Sitting in the dark with a bunch of strangers. Laughing uproariously.
A gin and tonic with a slurry of ice crystals in it.
Mapo tofu and a big bowl of steaming rice.
Silk sari wrap-around skirts.
Singer-songwriters. Battered guitars on their laps.
Carrying my daughter on my shoulders.
Thin metal Korean chopsticks.
Rainbow chard, cooked down with ginger and garlic and soy sauce.
Second book launches.

- Thanks to Rebecca Rosenblum's 1,000 Things We Like thingy for the idea.


Rebecca Rosenblum said...

This is awesomeness. And I had no idea about the aspens--for reals?

I've reposted this on my blog (with a link back) so that everyone can share the liking!!!

Thanks so much for posting this!!

Ariel Gordon said...

Thanks, Rebecca!