Saturday, October 06, 2012


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All photos from the Roland Pumpkin Fair, Roland, MB. October 6, 2012.

* * *

So after an absence of two years, we went to the Roland Pumpkin Fair in Roland.

My friend Tessa is from Roland, so she introduced me to it's many varied pleasures a decade ago. For me, it's not fall unless I spend some time contemplating both the giant pumpkins that are the fair's main attraction but also the flower arrangements and quilts that are in 4H competition down the street.

This year's winner was approximately 1, 235 pounds but all the pumpkins in competition are behind the stage. And everyone goes back to see the also-rans, which vary in colour, texture and shape.

And while M lifted the girl up and onto one giant, I spent a few minutes contemplating the stems of two others. They're perhaps too obviously umbilical, but still. Much depends on the stem connecting these giants to their vines and ultimately to the ground.

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