Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Back cover

So here's the back cover the spring 2013 issue of Vancouver-based lit mag Room Magazine, which includes a poem of mine.

This special issue, entitled Mythologies of Loss, was edited by former/forever Winnipeg poet Rachel Thompson.

Here's how she described the texts she was looking for in the call for submissions:

"If loss is anything, it is lonely. But perhaps the intimacy of the page shared by writer and reader can make it less so.

When establishing the theme for this issue, I figured there must be other writers out there who are re-tasting through retrospection personal tragedies, re-framing things, exploring the insides of the experience.

I thought these writers could come together and share the logic of their thinking (their 'mythologies'), lighting the way for others who have, or who inevitably will, lose someone or something dear to them (that's life)."

My poem is a mixed-up memorial to writers Robert Kroetsch and Michael Van Roy, both of whom died suddenly in 2011.

Yay! (Sad) Fun!

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