Monday, February 18, 2013

Wine & Words

Kit Pearson, Waubgeshig Rice, Ellen Peterson, Sally Ito, Warren Cariou, Susie Moloney, Chandra Mayor, Michael Minor, Katherine Thorsteinson, K.I. Press, Kim MacRae, Ariel Gordon, Joanne Epp, Teresa-Lee Cooke, Breanna Muir, Kendra Jones, David Alexander Robertson, Julienne Isaacs, Talia Pura, Clare Murphy...

...Being the list of writers whose works will be featured at Theatre By the River's Wine and Words event, April 13th at Gurevich Fine Art.  

* * *

For my third kick at the Wine and Words cat, I submitted my poem "How to Be Angry in Public." 

It's got a shouting match in the middle of it. And swearing. And violence against windows and garden vegetables.

So...completely par for the course.

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