Saturday, March 02, 2013

Lichens in winter

All photos Assiniboine Forest, Winnipeg, MB. March 2, 2013.
* * *

So in the midst of day of crabby errand-running, I managed to negotiate a solo walk in the forest.

And, like last weekend, I managed to end the walk with snow up to my thighs. Even though I have snowpants, I somehow decided not to bring them with me.

I think the intangible but definite turn towards spring - something in the angle of the sun, maybe - has blinded me to the fact that there's still two to three feet of snow on the ground.

So part of me wants to trudge over to the spots that won't be as accessible when break up starts. Part of me wants to keep to the main paths, anticipating unearthing the waders from the basement for when break up starts.

And part of me is just glad to be walking now and get snowy if that means finding the few specimens a winter forest offers.

This patch of lichen on a stump on the tail end of the loop is one of my comforts while walking. So I was glad to see it again, even if it meant wading in up to my knees and being chilled during the rest of the walk.


Brenda Schmidt said...

I really love this pic. I can just see you tromping through all that snow...

Ariel Gordon said...

I'm generally in for tromping of any description...