Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Reprint: Mythologies of Loss trailer

"Room invites you to celebrate women's strength, vulnerability, and wit this International Women's Day, as we launch our latest issue, 36.1, Mythologies of Loss, on March 8th.

Watch our 36.1 Trailer featuring Christa Couture, Sigal Samuel, Joy Kogawa, Sue Goyette and more!"

* * *

After a session that involved my partner and I bickering about the backdrop for the video and my feverish daughter sighing dramatically in the background, I wound up contributing a thirty second chunk of my, "How to Tell if Someone is Dead."

(The poem will be in How to Pack Without Overpacking, my 2014 collection with Palimpsest. Which I'm trying to get out the door right now. Without much luck.)

Thanks to Rachel for her calm devotion to this issue...

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