Monday, April 22, 2013

MBA 25th Anniversary reading

* * *

(l-r) Faith Johnston and Simone Chaput reading, MWG interim administrative coordinator Cam Bush listening raptly at the books table, Armin Wiebe, the last performer, reading the end of Tatsea, and me, as host, gesticulating madly.

* * *

Tonight was the MBA 25th anniversary reading. Featuring eight of twenty-two possible multiple award-winners.

We were in aceartinc light-and-dark gallery space. There were fruit and veg platters. And books/ideas.

It was a dreamy night, the no-show of my chapbook, How to Make a Collage, notwithstanding. But I can launch that another night. And it was good to read some apropos wretched-spring poems from Hump and a poem from my Papirmasse accordion broadside.

Thanks to the MWG for letting me host/read! (And for administering the MBAs for 25 years...)

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