Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Poetry in Voice

* * *

So last week, before I left for Kelowna and Vernon, before I came home and celebrated my 40th birthday, I spent part of a day acting as an Online Semifinals Judge for Poetry in Voice.

The Scott Griffin-founded Poetry in Voice is a recitation contest for Canadian high schools.

My duties as one of twenty-two Online Semifinal Judges involved first reading - and then listening to videotaped performances of - a selection of poems.

Some of the poems were canonical, some were contemporary. But it was a pleasure to spend time with them AND with the students who'd chosen them to recite. It was hard but also joyful work, if that doesn't sound COMPLETELY LAME.

The semifinalists will apparently be announced tomorrow. Go high school poetry reciters! Go poets!

(I had to write/memorize a short speech every year during my elementary/junior high in French Immersion. It was my worst school experience, beyond being painfully shy.)

(I had to recite a poem a few years ago in Catherine Hunter's Poetry: Creative Writing class at the U of Wpg. I read an angry mothering poem by Louise Gluck...with my eyes closed. And didn't mind a bit.)

* * *

English-language recitations will be judged by Stephanie Bolster, Alice Burdick, Brad Cran, Michael Crummey, Jon Paul Fiorentino, Tracy Hamon, Ariel Gordon, Susan Holbrook, Gillian Jerome, David O’Meara, Stuart Ross, Carmine Starnino, Rhea Tregebov, and Zachariah Wells.

French-language recitations will be evaluated by Yves Antoine, Éric Charlebois, Rino Morin Rossignol, Jeanne Painchaud, Swann Paradis, Aurélie Resch, and Gaston Tremblay.

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