Thursday, April 11, 2013

Reprint: How to Make a Collage

 From the Kalamalka Press website:

* * *

Details on my brand new Kalamalka Press chapbook, How to Make a Collage.

Those of you hoping to get a copy will have to get them direct from me at any of the events in Winnipeg, Victoria, Vancouver, and Saskatoon, as apparently they're sold out.

I only have twenty in my cache, so I may have to come up with an elaborate rationing system to make sure I still have a few left by the time I hit Saskatoon in June. (By the light of the moon. With a bassoon.)

Yay! My thanks to Jake Kennedy, Kevin McPherson, Laisha Rosnau, Jason Dewinetz, the students of ENGL205, and, of course, to John Lent.

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