Thursday, May 02, 2013


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Mushroom Collecting for Beginners (Publication 861, 1972) by Agriculture Canada.

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Winnipeg has virtually no degrees of separation. But sometimes that's not such a bad thing, such as when a pair of sisters cleaning out their parents' basement uncover a book and realized that I might like it.

And I know both of them. One from a past day-job and the other from the writing community.

The writer/archivist dropped it off at my office at UMP but it could as well have been the administrator/visual artist...and it would have been nice to visit with either sibling.

My thanks to Mary Horodyski and Susan Horodyska (and their parents) for the gift!

In other news, this past week my name was drawn for the Literary Press Group's National Poetry Month contest...which means I won 35 of the books of poetry.

In other words: whee!

As a side note, as a poet and someone who's day-job is with a publisher, I want to acknowledge how very nifty the LPG's NPM initiative was. I think it was probably the best NPM thing-y going!

In other other news, UMP had its second to last launch of the spring publishing season last night for Hans Werner's The Constructed Mennonite. And it was standing room only, which is always nice...

Congrats to Hans and to my colleagues at UMP for producing such a lovely book!

(Nothing beats a Mennonite book launch. NOTHING!)

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