Tuesday, August 20, 2013

One Trunk Festival

* * *


One Trunk is hosting a microfestival at the West End Cultural Centre on Sunday, September 8th, at 2:00pm.

The festival will feature performances by Winnipeg Contemporary Dancers, Grant Guy & Jaymez, Tanja Woloshen, Gwen Collins & Ardith Boxall based on the following artists interpretations of the city we call home.

Melissa Steele
Ariel Gordon
Greg Chomichuk
Chris Rutowski
Deco Dawson
Andy Rudolph

Natanielle Felicitas
Keri Latimer

Following the performances there will be a discussion about the developing a festival of new, hybrid work and the growth of interdisciplinary collaboration in Winnipeg.

* * *

I've just found out that I'm going to be working with musician Natanielle Felicitas - who I don't know - and visual artist Greg Chomichuk - who I do - on Winnipeg's Central Park. 

Which is apt, because I used to take the girl there when we lived in the Spence neighbourhood. 

Yay! Fun!

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