Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 portraits in 2013

* * *

So M finally finished his year-long project, where he took 2013 portraits in 2013.

My portrait was second-to-last. And was shot in M's parents' bathroom over the Xmas break.

He's taken a pile of pics of me over the course of the year, either because I needed a new FB profile pic or because the light was just right: "Stand right there! There! Stand still! C'mon!"

But it was important to him to take my portrait project pic in sequence. It was important for him to play while taking this particular pic. So I leaned in over the vanity in the bathroom, and waited while he figured out how to take this particular picture.

I think he climbed up on the vanity so he could shoot the pic from above. I think he stopped shooting when his knees started to hurt and my sighs got audible.

I think I cleaned the mirror mid-way through the photo shoot. Which tells you something about me and him, I think.

The WFP will be publishing a two page spread of all the pictures on January 4th, but beyond that, M's not sure what will happen to the pictures in the project. A gallery show? A photo book?

I'm simultaneously proud of him and also glad to not be subject to project-related fretting. ("I have to get at LEAST 60 portraits this weekend! AT LEAST!")