Sunday, December 01, 2013

Another season later

All photos Assiniboine Forest, Winnipeg, MB. November 30, 2013.
* * *

So I did a eco-poetry workshop loosely focused on water with Dennis Cooley at CMU yesterday.

Afterwards, as the light was falling, M met me at the nearby forest. And we walked quickly, talking over our day/week. It was dim and cold and and I didn't have my camera and neither of us were really dressed for it. But the forest is one of the best ways we spend time together, so...

We stopped once at this clearing, the one where we saw that wayward moose that time. For most of the time I've been walking in the forest, its thatching of burned logs has kept it a clearing, despite the colonial tendencies of the trembling aspen all around it.

Last fall, a buncha teenagers had a bonfire at the edge of the clearing. And that fire spread, turning the burnt logs to ash. And so I've been watching as the clearing changes.

Since this was my first winter walk in the forest, I grabbed M's phone and took this photo.

(And then we went for Korean and I nearly swooned over my soontofu chigae...)

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