Saturday, January 25, 2014

Alternate cover

* * *

So a few weeks ago, I asked the girl to draw a cover on my working copy of Stowaways.

I thought I'd share this one, given that last week was all-cover-all-the-time...

It sort of felt like being lit on fire, but as a fellow poet pointed out, that sort of the point. If you don't have an opinion about the cover or the changes suggested by your editor or where you'll be launching, if there isn't something at stake for you, then maybe you're not paying attention.

That said, there is always the danger of micromanaging the process and making unreasonable demands. No one wants to be that author.

So here's to pink and purple dolphin-y things. And multi-coloured otters. And, maybe, to caring a bit too much about things.

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