Friday, January 10, 2014

snowy snowy forest

Assiniboine Forest, Winnipeg, MB. January 9, 2014.
* * *

This is the only mushroom I could find in Assiniboine Forest yesterday, when I went walking.

This has been a snowy snowy year, so I wasn't expecting to find much. Also, my camera's settings were all out of whack, so I was attempting to shoot snowy galls and red berries and wild licorice with an uncooperative camera.

So this is the only photo I liked from the entire jaunt.

Which is okay. The jaunt is the thing. But, unfortunately, it was also a day where people insisted on having their young and/or aggressive dogs off leash. So I had three episodes where dogs ran at me full tilt, two of which looked like they might attack, owners shouting their names hoarsely from up the path.


All of which is to say: thank dog the desperately cold weather finally broke, thank god for walking in the winter forest and boo to both technology and off-leash people.

This photo consoles me a little, especially considering that I was thigh-deep in snow when I took it and had just been rushed by a black lab. Something about the light, eh?

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