Tuesday, May 27, 2014

An XL bag of ketchup chips

So last night was the wrap-up reading for the WPL/MWG's Writers Circles.

I facilitated the Poetry Critique Circle the past five months, meeting at the River Heights Public Library on Monday nights.

The poets in the group were a devoted bunch. They sent poems in, they discussed them avidly but respectfully at our meetings, and then they did it all over again, for months.

The wrap-up reading included members of Donna Besel's Fiction/Non-fiction group.

We rehearsed in advance of the reading, but that was hardly necessary. Though a few of the poets claimed they were nervous, you couldn't tell. The readings were great...and I look forward to reading/hearing more of their work out in the world.

Kendra Gaede, the programming coordinator at the MWG, also attended the event on behalf of the guild and told participants about other programs on offer, including the always-excellent Sheldon Oberman Emerging Writer Mentor Program.

And there were sweets! My favourites were the dense chocolate brownies and the two home-made coffee cakes, one of which included pistachios...

I came home with two hunks of cake tucked into my bag: I'd say it was a successful event. (My contribution was an XL bag of ketchup chips...)

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