Thursday, May 15, 2014


So there are three Stowaways giveaways, which is kind of fun...

McNally Robinson Booksellers, where I'll be launching the book next week, is doing both a Twitter and Facebook giveaway.

Here are the details, rife with hastags:

@mcnallyrobinson: Tell us your fav poem by a Cdn writer, tag it #StowawaysMRB, and u can win Ariel Gordon's new #poetry colln STOWAWAYS!

There's also a Goodreads giveaways, details of which can be found here.

* * *

UPDATE: McNally Robinson's Facebook/Twitter contest is finished. 

I thought I'd share the entries, just in case you're looking for poem suggestions by Canadian writer.

Here are the Facebook entries: 

Marika Prokosh: "My favourite Canadian poem is An Acolyte Reads The Cloud of Unknowing by Karen Solie."

Gord Bruyere: "Regarding Ariel Gordon's request for a favourite poem by a Canadian writer, mine is The Cold Green Element by Irving Layton."

Angeline Janel Schellenberg: "Sarah Klassen's debut Journey to Yalta made me want to become a poet, so I pick its first, devastating poem Small deaths as my favourite by a Canadian."

Erin J-W: "My favourite poem by a Canadian author is Saint And by bpnichol."

And here are the Twitter entries: 

Winnipeg Mosquito (@winnimosquito): "Jessica Moore's collection Everything, Now...I would be hard pressed to pick a fav... Maybe Seabirds?

Jane Heinrichs (@janeheinrichs): "My favourite Canadian poem is Autumn by Bliss Carmen. 'The maples glow with their pompeian red...'"

Kevin Spenst (@kevinspenst): "Favourite poem of today is Shouting by Tim Lilburn. 'Hiddenness appears in everything' in the blood of this bird of a tweet."

Marcus Closen (@marcusaleksandr): "A Fine Grammar of Bones by Meira Cook."

Irish Literary Times (@IrishLitTimes): "THE HICOCK GIRLS IN THE FRONT PEW ADDRESS THE PLATYPUS Patricia Young."

Angela Hibbs ‏(@hibbsangela) had five suggestions: … Variation on the Word Sleep by Margaret Atwood. … Portrait of Alice With Elvis by Stephanie Bolster.

Submission By Lynn Crosbie The New Experience By Suzanne Buffam. … Let Me Make This Perfectly Clear by Gwendolyn MacEwen.

Jennifer Burgess (@JenBurgess1): "Dark Pines Under Water by Gwendolyn MacEwen."
Ninian Poetree (@ninianpoetree): "Onions by Lorna Crozier."

Jennifer Schweder (@jekell71): "We Are More by Shane Koyczan."

MJ Perrun (@MetisMJP): "Favourite Canadian poem: Selkirk Avenue by Katherena Vermette."

Sandy Wellbergen (@MsWelbergen): "Does Bird on The Wire by Leonard Cohen count? Technically it's a song, but it's lovely."

Leslie McDonald (@DitchPigJetsFan): "By an Autumn Fire by Lucy Maud Montgomery." 


Gerald Hill said...

Congratulations on the new book, Ariel. Love the cover, for starters.

Ariel Gordon said...

Thanks, Gerry. I really appreciate that...

Debbie Strange said...

Hope the launch of Stowaways is grand - wish I could join you tonight! I'm glad I bought a copy yesterday, because I'm sure you're going to sell out!