Monday, June 02, 2014

Two poems + two poems

So excerpts from Stowaways have appeared on two lit websites of late...

The first, poet Maurice Mierau's The Winnipeg Review, posted my "How to See Deer" and "Primipara," the week of the launch.

If you're not familiar with The Winnipeg Review, Mierau has published a really interesting combination of new work, both critical and
creative. Here's the official description:

"The Winnipeg Review publishes on-line every quarter, with weekly updates, from its eponymous home. Like the inhabitants of this midcontinental city, TWR is always opinionated, occasionally cranky, and ethnically confused. We exist to review literary books, mostly Canadian fiction, and to showcase interviews, excerpts, poems, and columns by writers with something to say."

I hadn't been part of this smart and sassy conversation so far, so it was nice to be included...

The second appearance was on Canadian Poetries, which is the incredibly generous web-project of Alberta poets Shawna Lemay and Kimmy Beach.

Here's Shawna's description of what Canadian Poetries is about:

"Canadian Poetries will showcase the new and recent work of a wide range of established poetic voices. I've always admired those art gallery spaces where abstract art is hung in the same room as realist work, contemporary work beside historical, and so on. In these instances, one feels that the paintings converse with each other. And I would like Canadian Poetries to capture something of that spirit - I would like the poems being written in Canada today to be thrown into a similar conversation."   

They posted my "How to Be Angry in Public" and "How to Learn Morse Code" early this morning, interspersing my poems with an work by Laisha Rosnau and Sheri Benning and Leah Horlick.

Which is to say: a community that I'm a beginning to be a part of and that I aspire to...

My thanks + my thanks to the editors!

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