Friday, August 01, 2014

Broken reading

Photos from the Winnipeg launch of Brecken Hancock's Broom Broom. (Photos by Anthony Mark Schellenberg and Michael Deal and me, though most of my photos were crap...)

* * *

So last night I read with Luann Hiebert and Alison Calder and Brecken Hancock last night at McNally's.

Which meant a bag with a change of clothes hauled to work and then meeting M and the girl, fresh from work and daycare pick-up, at the resto for a quick pre-reading dinner. Which meant rehearsing in the senior common room at lunch, trying on the poems like they were a spandex dress I'd discovered at the back of my closet: Oh! That!

Which meant getting-to-read with Alison Calder, who heckled me from the podium and then very quickly asked me to not hurt her.

Alison is very smart and her poems are dryly funny but she still laughs at my terrible jokes, which I appreciate in a fellow poet. And I've been wanting to read with her for aaaages.

I read three summery poems from Stowaways: "Sidelines," "Picked Out," and "Pear Suite." And it was great fun, not the least bit broken, even if Brecken read "Evil Brecken," which contains all kinds of rhymes with her name: reckon, lichen, thickened, chicken.

Thanks to Brecken and Coach House and John Toews at McNally's for having me!

(Interview with Brecken to follow, once I locate my gumption...)

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