Saturday, August 30, 2014

Pear Suite

* * *

Today I picked pears for the third time in as many years, this time in a different location.

The pear tree was in a mature garden that had at least a dozen other trees arranged around it. There was a lilac and a plum tree intertwined with the old pear tree, which presented us with a few challenges, picking-wise.

And, as with my apple pick a week or so ago, the pears were smaller-than-they-should-be and green.

But it was a good start to a good day: sunny, windless, mild.

Also, given that it'll be at least a week until the pears are ready, I didn't have to leap into the processing-of-pears. So I went and picked up my special-order Wrinkle in Time t-shirt from McNally's and had a good long walk at Fort Whyte.

(Tuesday I start my four month leave from my day-job. Four months of writing time. I can't quite believe it...)

Thanks to Fruit Share for the pear-picking opportunity, if not the pear-picking poems.

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