Sunday, August 03, 2014

Stowaways selfies

(Clockwise from top left): Winnipeg poet Louella Lester and all her rings at the Brecken Hancock reading July 31; Regina writer Annette Bower reading "Sidewalk" at Regina City Plaza just as the Regina Farmers' Market was beginning; Winnipeg poet Laura Lamont in front of the biffy in Brereton, MB; Calgary poet Nikki Sheppy reading "How to Treat Boils" at her fave coffee shop; and Winnipeg poet Melanie Bannagan Fredericksen reading "Pear Suite."

* * *

A few weeks ago, Regina writer Annette Bower posted a photo of herself reading the copy of Stowaways she'd ordered into the Regina Public Library to Facebook.

And it made me so giddy that I immediately asked friends to ALSO take Stowaways-selfies. And send them to me.

So here's the first batch.

Whee! Fun!

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