Friday, September 19, 2014


* * *

Yesterday morning, I took Sally Ito's creative writing class at the Canadian Mennonite University for a walk in Assiniboine Forest.

My assignment: To lead them through the forest in an hour and fifteen minutes, providing them with a variety of writing prompts. I also larded them with information about aspen parkland flora and fauna, the history of the forest, and anecdotes about The Forest Perv and the 2000 small plane crash at the far edge of the forest.

Their assignment: To write three forest/poems based on our walk.
At Sally's request, I also read three forest poems from Hump before we set out. "Fall back: off leash," "Fall back: the last good day," and "Enclosure #41: on the occasion of a poet's visit." (I was surprised to realize that Stowaways contains exactly ONE forest poem...)

Interestingly, four of the students chose to freewrite on their phones as opposed to notebooks.

Fun! My thanks to Sally for asking me to lead this workshop again...

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