Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Mossy tree

All photos Frances King Park, Victoria, BC. October 4, 2014.  
* * *

So last weekend Yvonne Blomer packed up her son and her son's friend and her dog and me—her visiting poet—and took us to Frances/King Park.

And as I crossed the highway and entered the park, chatting with her husband Rupert, I glanced around and went, "Whoa."

Even though I'd thought I was used to the difference between Winnipeg and Victoria—we have many of the same shrubs, for instance, it's just that Victoria's are 12 feet tall—this was something.

I'm used to my young-ish aspen forest or our elderly 100-year-old elm canopy, so the massive, old-growth Douglas Fir trees, some of which are apparently 500-years-old, snagged me.

Like an outflung branch. Right in the eye.

(I liked this tree in particular because it was so moss-encrusted and fern-draped that you couldn't actually see any of its bark...)

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