Friday, October 03, 2014

Saltspring reading

(Clockwise from top left): Yvonne Blomer, reading from As if a Raven, the crowd at the Salt Spring Island Public Library's Open Mic series, major domo/poet Christine Smart, and the crowd post-reading.

* * *

The day after my arrival in Victoria, Yvonne Blomer and I packed up our reading frocks, our cold medicines, and our books and hopped on the ferry for Saltspring Island.

I had been hoping that I'd feel better by the time the reading happened, given that I've been pestilential—tired, achy, full-of-mucous—for a week now.

We went on a short walk in the forest behind organizer Christine Smart's house before the reading. And it was good and I wished it was longer, but I'm not sure I could have handled much more.

And the reading was fun, in a room in the new Saltspring Island Public Library, all wood and glass and good light.

And it was lovely to finally hear Yvonne read, after months of chatting with her online and reading her poems. And even though I was feeling under the weather, I think I gave an okay reading. I enjoyed myself, which is half of what makes for a good reading, I think.

And then we had a slooow morning of poetry-talk and tea and wandering around Ganges before hopping on the ferry again.

Fun! My thanks to Christine Smart, whose books I snapped up, for all her support.

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